Friday, October 10, 2008


Yeah, I know, I am such a slacker lately. I couldn't even fight the urge to to crawl back in bed this morning after the girls got picked up for school. I feel like such a lazy butt lately. I need to make myself get moving more. I really need to shed some pounds and sitting on the computer isn't going to do it. My reasoning is that I am usually making money sitting here so it's ok. ChaCha has been going well. Contests have been pretty slow lately. I did win a coupon for a free bag of Hershey's chocolate so far this month (really good for trying to lose weight, huh?).

This week I went with Gabby's class to the zoo for a field trip and next week I go with Natalie's class to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch. I just hope it isn't muddy. Today would have been the perfect day to go there since it is sunny and supposed to be near 70. Next weeks forecast doesn't look as promising.

Tupperware is picking up a little bit. I have 1 (possibly 2) people doing catalog parties right now. I have 3 craft show/holiday bazaar events coming up in November too. I hope I can book some more off of those events to keep things rolling along.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Time for an Update

Well, I guess I haven't posted anything for awhile so I should add some updates.

Jeff got a job working for his friends FIL. He and his friend had been talking a lot about going into business together and possibly taking over his FIL's business. Well, Jeff got the job on Tuesday morning and has been working there since that afternoon. So far he likes it because it is just him and the owner and Jeff gets to voice his ideas for the company and the guy likes them. Jeff is the type of person he was looking for to groom to possibly take over in the near future. He didn't want just a tech guy, he wanted someone with vision and new ideas to bring on more clients and more services to sell. The pay is a touch lower than at his old job BUT he gets paid hourly instead of salary so he could end up making more. The down side is no insurance so we'll have to look into getting that ourselves. I've filled out the paperwork for MIChild for the girls and hopefully I'll hear back on that soon (and hopefully their Dr. will accept it or I'm screwed).

Grandma is 93 today!! Hard to believe she made it to this day after all her health problems back in the spring. K and J flew in from NC to surprise her and we are taking her to lunch this afternoon. I'm even letting Gabby get out of school early for the day when I pick up Natalie from kindergarten so she can go to lunch with us too.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good Vibes Needed

Jeff is currently at interview #2 of 3 for this week. Please, please, please send good vibes that he gets offered at least one of the positions (preferably #1 or #2). We're pretty sure he'll get offered #3 but we're also pretty sure the pay is 1/2 of his old job (which wasn't much) and there is no way we can live on that.

The girls are adjusting to school. Carpool started this week so I'm off the hook for mornings and just have to do K pick up and Gabby's end of day pick up. Gabby is back to her old self being stubborn in the mornings and driving me crazy. Natalie is fussing over her outfits and thinks she has to wear a skirt or dress everyday. Today I made her wear her Barbie crocs that the had to have and she was throwing a fit and I threw her into the carpool van with her crying and me apologizing to the mom driving. Luckily she has a daughter the same age and knows the drama well. I haven't gotten a phone call from school so she must have settled down on the road. I'm sure her teacher will appreciate her moodiness :P

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pretty good Sunday

Yesterday the IL's planned on having a picnic at Riverside park. Neither Jeff nor I were really looking forward to it but after a little bit of a rocky start to the day (with he and I pretty much snapping at each other over anything and everything) it turned out to be pretty good. Jeff and his brother took the kids fishing after we ate lunch so the ladies could sit around and chit chat. It was pretty decent weather wise but was a little windy which made it kind of cool out.

After the eating and fishing, we went home so Jeff and Natalie could clean up since they were pretty gross from sliding around in all the goose poop down by the pond, we went to MIL's to play some games. It is usually a pretty good time when we get together to sit around and be silly playing Trivial Pursuit and Scene It.

At least the weekend ended pretty nicely.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why can't I try to be happy?

I feel like I have nothing left in me to be positive for. Seems anytime we think things are starting to go ok for us we get sh*t on yet again. I hate it, it makes me cranky and I end up taking it out on the kids, which makes me feel even worse than I already do. I try to be supportive for hubby since this time it isn't his fault his company lied to him when he went back to work there in the Spring after a new owner bought the old failing company. Life just isn't fair to us and I want to scream and kick and throw a temper tantrum about it. I hate the saying "God never gives you more than you can handle" because He sure as hell tries to with us, while so many others around me seem to have it so much easier and have never had the struggles that we constantly have. I have zero faith anymore, which is sad to say but it is very, very true. I know Jeff feels the same way, in fact he stopped believing years ago. Whenever someone says "I'll be praying for your family" I just smile and politely thank them all the while thinking what good will it do?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Worry Lines

Here I thought Jeff had some time and would be able to line up something, even a contract, before he was downsized, but it does not look promising. He's had 2 interviews but 1 was for something different than the IT area he is more proficient in and the other one was going to be very mundane and the interviewer knew he would not be happy doing it for long because he's too skilled for it. He's going to see if he can squeak out a little more time at his current employer by doing something different until they need him for network issues. The only thing is he'll most likely have to take a pay cut because that is another thing they mentioned, that he is one of the highest paid in the company. I guess as long as it pays more than MARVIN he'll have to do it until he gets something else. THIS SUCKS!!! Last time it took him 2 YEARS to get something permanent and we almost lost our house. We have enough savings to get by for only 1 month and I need to pick up more ChaCha time or sell a whole lotta Tupperware.

Gaaaah, I hate this and I hate it even more for our kids having to go without fun stuff yet some more. We just took our first 'vacation' this summer, ever, and that was only to Dearborn overnight. Woohoo, a whole 3 hours away. I hate my life most of the time and if we could, we'd pack up and leave here because it sucks so bad.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The End is Near

Well, Jeff finally got word that, yes indeed, his job is being eliminated and will be going to a contract/as needed status. He was able to buy himself a little bit of time, to the end of this month. We are optimistically hopeful that he can get something lined up before then, but we know that in all actuality, it probably won't happen. I've made his profiles public now on the job sites and he had 2 interviews so far this week but already knows he doesn't have either of those jobs. The first one was a different job description than what the recruiter had who sent him there, so he didn't have all the qualifications in the areas they wanted. The second one, he was too skilled for and would be bored with it, and the owner of the company knew it too and has no plans to change things up since his company runs smoothly as it is.

Here's to hoping SOMETHING/ANYTHING that pays the same comes along, and fast!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dog Days

Well, we're in the final stretch of summer break from school. Gabby and Natalie got their teacher assignments. Natalie is excited she got the Kindergarten teacher she was wanting. Gabby was less than thrilled that she didn't get the 3rd grade teacher she was hoping for. To top it off, our neighbor who has been in her classes since K got a different teacher (the one Gabby wanted) as did one of her close friends. Hopefully once school starts she will have a better attitude or it'll be one heck of a long year for the teachers and me.

The hot humidity is here, joy. It's supposed to cool down some by the weekend though which I hope it does. I love having the windows opened instead of the AC running upstairs.

My ChaCha guide opportunity might be numbered. Here I thought I found the perfect way to make a few hundred extra bucks a month since I suck at selling Tupperware. Now they are changing the payscale so unless you make the top percent, you get 1/2 the pay. I made it in the top my first week but don't know why I didn't make it last week. I'll just have to try my darndest to make it and keep the same pay (and hopefully the company doesn't fold too). Hey, every little bit helps. Hopefully Jeff will find something new that pays a better wage as well so we aren't so strapped. I'm also selling unwanted stuff on Craigslist too for a tidbit of extra money. It's like having a garage sale without all the work!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Stupid Company

So, it is common knowledge that Jeff works for a bunch of douche bags that don't understand common sense and do everything a$$ backwards. Now he doesn't get a general increase because he is one of the highest paid in the company. Well no $hit he makes more than most, he is the one that keeps all the innerds of the company running. BTW, he is still GROSSLY underpaid for his position in our area though. They go on about the normal bla, bla, it's not the same company it was a year ago, it's smaller, yada yada. Who cares!! Jeff still does the same kind of work. The network still needs to run and the phones still need to accept calls. Just because they suck at marketing and just spend money on stupid useless stuff isn't Jeff's fault.

He (through me) has given them a superb idea to increase traffic to the website, start a contest!! I enter contests daily so I emailed them examples, how they should do it, what they should giveaway, etc. Nope they decided to do something completely asinine and instead of posting a contest on their webpage, they emailed existing customers to have them call in to enter in some sort of bogus gas card scheme they are a part of (a place you get $25 gas cards for every $100 you spend). HELLO losers!! How is that driving more traffic and attracting NEW customers. Jeff's boss kept saying he didn't understand it. He's such a boner and needs to go back to China then if he couldn't understand the simplicity of having a button on the webpage where people sign up to receive the monthly newsletter and will be entered into a drawing to win (and here's the kicker) actual product that you sell!! Is that really so hard to understand? I even sent them links of examples and stressed that they will get more people interested if they are actually putting their product in their hands.

Sorry if I got off on a rage there but STUPID people truly need to be boxed up and sent to some remote island somewhere where they won't bug the rest of us.

Ok, I'm done now. Carry on, LOL.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We Survived!

We took our first family 'vacation' this weekend. We drove to Dearborn (almost 3 hours away) and went to The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village. In all it was a nice time. The kids didn't ask too much "are we there yet?" and they were for the most part good. Of course they were most impressed with swimming in the hotel pool than anything else, but they did think riding on an old steam engine and in a Model T car was pretty neat.

I can't believe how expensive it is to just take an overnight trip! Our tickets I got inexpensive by buying them from people who won them in the contest but lived too far away to use them. That was a win-win for both of us because it gave them some cash for otherwise useless tickets and saved me some cash because we were going to visit there anyways this summer. Our meals weren't too costly, we ate at Bob Evans for one dinner, free breakfast at the hotel, and had lunch at another mom and pop type restaurant. The hotel is where it really added up, and we just stayed at a Hampton Inn so it wasn't exactly luxury. It was located right next to the Village so we wouldn't get lost driving around Dearborn, and I didn't want to stay in a dive like the Red Roof Inn (which did indeed look like a dive when we drove past on the way to Bob Evans).

I'm already planning another trip for the spring to the Chicago Science and Industry museum after my sister gets moved to South Bend. We'll take the weekend commuter to Chicago and walk the 2 blocks to the museum. Kids ride free with adults on the weekend and then we save a bundle on gas, parking, and the headache of driving into Chicago. It'll be fun!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Remind Me

The next time I plan to spray weed killer in the yard, remind me to check the weather. I sprayed around lunch time today and 3:45 or so in roll some thunderstorms. I can't remember if the stuff just has to dry of if it needs to stay dry for a certain amount of time/days. Oh well, guess I'll just repeat again next week if it doesn't look like it worked.

Ghost Hunt

Went out with some of my friends last night in search of the famed Ada Witch. I got chills just typing that, LOL. We didn't see her, but I was a big chicken anyways and most likely would have wet my pants. The odd thing is that there was a newer house right across the street and also right smack next to this cemetary, which has graves dating back into the 1800s. Why in the world would you build a house right smack next to a known haunted cemetary? The back side of the house was mostly windows too and the owners were home so we were scared of getting the cops called on us too, even though we were very quiet and respectful to the graves. I think there is another ghost hunt being planned for around the next month's full moon as well. Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wall E

Yesterday we finally took the girls to see Wall*E. Jeff and the girls really liked it, I thought it was ok but took a little too long in the beginning. It was a cute movie.

The theater was packed yesterday though, which is always a pain when you're taking young kids (aka: wiggly Natalie) to a movie. Of course we had 2 bigger people sitting directly in front of us and they reclined all the way in their seats, making it impossible for us to sit without our legs bumping their seats. Yes, I know they paid just as much for their tickets but I still thought it was kinda rude and perhaps they should have sad in a different row or over a few seats where they wouldn't recline into anyone. Anyways, that's my rant. Oh, and Gabby made us put the fake butter on our popcorn and ALL 4 of us were racing for the bathroom when we got home (if you know what I mean).

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I hate when I make lazy decisions and it ends up costing me. This time it was to the tune of 3 bank fees because I f'd up and didn't transfer money over from Jeff's account after I bought the cage topper for the rat (which by the way I returned yesterday because it hurt her feet!!). Oh man, I am so pissed at myself. We so did not need to have those fees, it puts us even further behind for the month than we already are. This week isn't pay week so I listed a bunch of stuff up on Craiglist to try to sell for grocery money (it's all outgrown kid stuff so it's things I've needed to get up there to sell anyways). I also put up a BUNCH of my Tupperware overstock in hopes of generating some interest for someone who doesn't want to wait for an order to be shipped. *IF* I can sell the majority of what I have listed that will generate over $200. It's all new stuff and priced well below book price, but people around here still want something for nothing so I'm not overly optimistic of much of it selling since I'm not too flexible with the prices I set. Oh well, you never know unless you try.

Last night Jeff and I also discussed the very real possibility that I might have to get a job (shudder). It would so suck because I'd be stuck working every weekend and lots of nights if I just go out and get a stupid retail job for awhile to get us caught up and back on track. Gaaaaah, how do we keep getting ourselves into this situation!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Cage

So I am terribly perplexed on how to house the new creature. Right now she is in a 10 gal., which we know is not ideal. I did go to Petco and pick up a tank topper which gives her climbing space and and added level. The drawback to that is it only opens on the top so Gabby can't get her out on her own, and it makes food and watering very difficult.

Petsmart has a great cage on their website that I can get for $85 (or $75 if Google still offers $10 off to set up a new checkout account) but we don't have that extra money right now. The Petco one was $45.

Amazon has a topper for $21 but it just doesn't give enough details for my liking. I'm the kind of person who needs to know EVERYTHING before buying.

Ya know, another hammy would have been so much easier. Maybe I just need to find a way to make more money too, then I wouldn't be stressing like I am now. Doesn't help that Jeff is getting disgruntled with his job and doesn't think he'll get a raise since the company isn't making much money. He is also talking about going out on his own with 2 guys he works with and starting their own biz. That scares the living #%@! out of me because I thrive on consistency in knowing EXACTLY how much money is coming in each paycheck. I also worry about insurance too. Arrrrrgh, I hate when were in this predicament (yeah, this happens a couple times a year with him).

Our New Pet

Well, let me clarify the "our", that means Jeff and Gabby's new pet. While I suggested her (because I knew it's what Jeff wanted) I certainly am not overly fond of her.

Yesterday, Gabby's new hamster Daisy was dead. Not a huge deal as we'd only had her a week and nobody was attached to her like we were Sunshine. Of course we were a day over the pet store's guarantee so it was kinda a waste of money. We had some errands to run anyways and stopped at the pet store while we were out. They had some Golden Hammies in there that Gabby was interested in but Jeff had said get a rat when I called him at work to tell him about Daisy. They had 1 large rat left which happened to be a female (what we wanted) and was also a hairless. She is the ugliest thing you've ever seen!! But she was also quite tame when I had the clerk take her out so Gabby could see her better. I had them hold her until Jeff got home from work and we went and picked her up. Jeff carried her the whole time, though I did buy a ball for her to carry her home in because she refused to go in the box for the ride home.

Her name is Sandy Cheeks, yup Spongebob's friend LOL. I'm still freaked out by her but Jeff and Gabby take her out and let her crawl all over them. I don't want to touch her but I talk to her and give her grapes as treats.

Right now she is just in the 10 gallon we used for the hammies but we're going to buy a topper that doubles her living space and gives her room to climb and run. They said she'd be fine in the 10 gal. for a short time.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wild Wednesday

Wow, yesterday was some day. Natalie had her quarterly eye check/exam so we left the house early for that since the route there had construction. We were pretty early so we went to the mall across from her dr. office and piddled around for a bit. Found some awesome deals at Disney and walked out of there with a bag full of goodies for only $20.

We got in pretty much on time for her appointment - shocking! When we got done it was super dark outside (this is at 3pm) so we ran to our car and sat in it riding out what ended up being round 1 of severe storms. We waited through very vivid vertical lightening, marble sized hail, and probably at least an inch of rain in 15 minutes. It finally cleared up and looked like it was over so we left and went back over to the mall because the girls wanted to go in Build a Bear and we didn't have time before. While in there the clerk asked us if we were waiting out the rain at the mall and we said no, we did that at the dr. office then came to the mall. She then said, well that was only the first storm, there are more. Great! The girls get a new BAB and outfit and we left, only to hear the thunder starting up. We drove home in torrential rains, wind, very dark skies, and all around scariness.

When we finally got home it was letting up a little bit plus we discovered we had no power. Finally around 5:30 it stopped lightening so I was able to go out and clear out the storm drains which were gunked over and caused the street to flood up to mid-shin. Another neighbor came out and helped clear the other drain across the street. It looked like a tornado through our neighborhood. Chainsaws were a buzzing and the lady that helped me clear the drains lost part of the back end of her house to half a tree. It was crazy!! A different neighbor said it was like a hurricane blowing through.

We spent a very quiet and dark night at home. Natalie woke up freaking because her lantern we put in her room had burned out so 4am she was up and in our bed, and not going back to sleep. We went to my moms house briefly after getting McD's for lunch because she at least had power and I wanted to check my emails. We were told power might not be restored until late Saturday. We had decided to start calling hotels for the night. I made 4 calls to get prices and was debating on what to do when FINALLY at 6:20pm we got an answer - our power came back on so no wasting $100+ for a hotel room for the night.

Now we just get the fun part of tossing the fridge contents and restocking that tomorrow. I haven't checked the deep freeze but that should be ok since it was pretty full and everything was frozen solid. I doubt anything melted, and if any did it would have only been the freeze-pops which can refreeze.

All I can say now is HOORAY for electricity!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yeah, I know they are part of the food chain, but still they serve no purpose in my life other than making me a prisoner in my own home. I tried to do a little yard work yesterday and was eaten up by them. My arm looks all disfigured from the super sized welts I have. Why am I the tastiest one in the family? The girls were out there longer than I was and didn't get any bites. I even had to have Jeff do the mowing this weekend because they are so horrible. He's a smoker so they don't like him. He did a half assed job on the grass too and completely ignored the front on the other side of the fence line, so that looks stupid now too.

Maybe I should invest in a bat house to try to keep the pest population down to a minimum. Off to itch and apply some more smelly After Bite medicine.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

RIP Sunshine

Friday morning we took Gabby's little buddy, Sunshine, in to our vet to be humanely put down. She was a brave little girl (both Gabby and Sunshine). I had emailed our vet a few times on Thursday and she said if we brought her in, she'd take care of it for us for no charge. We went first thing in the morning and took along the little wooden 'coffin' Gab's had decorated for her to be burried in. I tossed in a couple of old baby washcloths and they wrapped her nicely in them after she was gone. They even gave her a little ceramic heart with a paw print on it.

When we got home, we made the stepping stone kit we had bought a few weeks ago when we first thought Sunshine was going to die. We put the paw print stone from the vet in the middle of it.

Yesterday, we picked the spot and burried her and placed the stone on top of her grave. (our fat cow of a cat, Scratches, went out and peed on her today, ugh)

Saturday we also got some new additions: 6 new fish and a new fancy hamster that Gabby named Daisy (sure hope she's a girl). The new hammy is so cute, looks like a wobbly cotton ball! She seems to have a good disposition and lets us pet her and Gabby has held her several times today without incident, except for potty messes.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I just got the call this evening that everything is all set to take Grandma back "home" tomorrow at noon. Mom's been waiting for them to call her for 2 days but apparently they had her number wrong so they finally just called me. Well, whatever, at least she can finally go home, with a few provisions. She'll be pretty much isolated to her own room until the C Dif (not sure the real name, that is just what they called it) infection is cleared. Honestly, we think she'll get over it faster by being left in her own room anyways because chances are she was re-picking up the infection by going to the PT/OT room where all the other residents go anyways. She'll also be much closer to visit - less than 5 min vs. 20 min away.

On a sad note: Gabby's little hamster Sunshine is once again knocking on death's door. Nobody ever seems to answer though so the poor little thing is left to suffer with her icky oozing blood tumor. I finally sent an email to our vet asking how much to put her down humanely. She has to be suffering with that huge tumor and she looks miserable, yet oddly enough she gets really happy and perky when we go in to talk to her and pet her.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I can't believe

that it's almost July. Wow, each day just seems to blend into the next and before I know it, it's almost time to flip the calendar.

The kids go batty being home some days but I can't justify driving somewhere just for boredoms sake. I'll be going through enough gas once school starts so I want to try to save up over the summer.

Grandma will *hopefully* be able to go back to assisted living this Friday, if not Monday. Happy days!! The rehab center is trying to say she needs to stay until July 22nd until the course of medication she is on is finished. She developed a digestive bug while there. Her assisted living center is working with us to get her out of the rehab place because we think they are intentionally lowing then raising her dose of this medicine. Chances are she is re-catching the bacteria when she goes down to the therapy room as well since we all know they do not sterilize the equipment after each patient. Assisted living said she could come back and finish the course of medicine while in her own room, even if she needs to be quarantined. She'll probably miss BINGO and a few activities for a few weeks but I think the fact that she'll be back *home* will more than make up for it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


The girls and I met a friend and her kids today at the playground. It was great to have adult conversation while the kids ran around and played. Natalie had mentioned when we first got there that we forgot sunscreen. Oops. I told her it'd be ok this time. Well, we were there for about 2 1/2 hours and about an hour after getting home I itched my arm. It started stinging right away and I thought "what the..." until I looked and saw the awesome farmers tan I had happening on that arm. I also have a nice square on my leg from mid-thigh to knee. It's hilarious. Natalie ended up slightly pink on her arms, but not bad. Gabby just got tan. She's got my skin from younger years and Natalie has Jeff's sun sensitive skin. I told Nat that we won't forget next time.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ever Wish?

Somtimes I really cannot be around my kids. Natalie knows just what buttons to push to get me riled up. I swear she thinks I am on this earth to follow behind her and clean up the messes in her wake. Believe me, there is plenty of mess wherever she goes. I'd LOVE to throw away all stuffed animals. I'm also thinking I shouldn't have any food in the house because she is such a little piglet and makes a mess of anything she eats. Yes, I know that this is what kids do, but some days I'm just sick of it and want to go on strike, but I won't because I can't stand to have a hugely messy/dirty home.

On a good note, Grandma should be able to get sprung from rehab very soon. She ended up with a secondary intestinal bacteria, which is common. She's now on some liquid medicine she gets 4x a day to clear it up and we have to scrub our hands when leaving her room. As soon as she tests negative she can go back to her assisted living. She is so relieved we have a light at the end of the tunnel. She did say the medicine is helping so I think she is feeling a little better too.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yummy Mummy

Does life get any better than brownies? I just entered a blog contest here about Yummy Mummy Brownies. They look to die for!! I need to go lose a few pounds so I can order some, and not share :) Now I need to go wipe the drool from my keyboard.

Unit Meeting Motivation

I love going to our Tupperware unit meetings, especially after big months. While I sold barely more than squat last month (about 250) I still ended up with a great prize. I got an olive oil mister, makeup case with brushes/sponges, and some silly string for the kids to play with outside later if they are good.

I'm always so pumped up afterwards and want to go out and sell and book parties. So, who wants to have a party now??? That's where I always get hung up. I hate making calls and bugging people but that is probably how I'd be able to get some datings. I sent out a large email blast last night in hopes of generating some sales at least. I've gotten 6 web viewings so far since I've done that.

There's only a few weeks left to be able to buy the dining trays, which are fabulous for anyone who ever has campouts, home BBQ's, potlucks where you have to BYO dinnerware, great for kids to use. There's just not enough good things to say about them. They have one big compartment, 2 small compartments, and a slot to hold your silverware as you peruse the poutluck line. They don't bend and break like paper plates and also you can keep your foods separated so they don't run into each other (ie: no jello flavored burger buns LOL). Feel free to check out my website to see what else is on sale this month.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Where did summer go?

So after having the last 2 weeks being hot and humid, today is quite chilly and breezy. The girls and I went to the park with some MMC mommies and we were all pretty cold.

The mystery allergic reaction is now on both palms. Still have no clue what exactly it is from, other than something outside. I think I'm gonna buy some heavy duty gloves to wear when mowing and also I'll have to wear jeans since I have a large rash on my thigh too. Drinking the kids Benedryl helps to control the itchiness but makes me REALLY tired. One of these days I probably should go and have an allergy test done to figure out what I am for sure allergic to. I also have some spray for the yard to kill all the weeds (basically my whole yard, LOL) that I'm going to spray this week as long as there is no rain forcasted.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What could it be?

Something in the outside world doesn't like me!! LOL 2 weeks ago I battled some sort of crazy rash that swelled up my ear and left blisters, then started taking over my hand (both on the left side). I tried Cortaid, Benedryl cream and liquid, and finally used my steroid ointment which finally helped.

Yesterday I mowed the yard and now I have more rash starting on top of my left hand and also some on the palm of my right. I don't trim the grass by hand, I push the mower. One would think my legs would break out since I had on shorts and any grass/weed clippings would hit there before getting to my hands. I washed my hands and arms as soon as I was done, and jumped in the shower within half hour of being done to wash off any pollen, outdoor dirt, etc.

I'm perplexed by this.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today Looks Like...

...a great day to mow the yard LOL. It really needs it and hopefully it will dry out a little bit so I can get it done.

On another yard related note, we've been having toads all over the yard. Yesterday one was at the bottom of the back porch steps, then when I was taking the cover off the girls pool to drain it so I can mow, there was one stuck on the cover of it. I about peed myself when I was spreading out the cover to dry it and here sits this ugly brown toad. He didn't seem to have a care in the world, otherwise he was scared silly. Gabby caught him a few times in her butterfly net :) I finally made her put him over in the garden area. I'm hoping they stay outta my way when I get the mower out!!

Sweeps are going pretty well still. I have won a bunch of Subway free Flat Earth chips coupons. I also won a canvas bracelet yesterday too. Still waiting on my big 7-11 check, but it's only been 2 weeks so I have up to 8 more weeks of waiting on it. I'm really trying hard to win some free Henry Ford Museum tickets. Seems like lots of out of state people keep winning them. I did buy some from a lady for $22 though. That saves us $16 if we lie and say Natalie isn't 5 yet, shhhhhhhhh.

Friday, June 13, 2008

More Winnings

Today I won a canvas bracelet from Cool Mom Picks. This is my second win from them, they are very nice. I've won a bunch of free Flat Earth Chips from Subway but have yet to redeem one. I also won a free Tuscani Pasta dinner from Pizza Hut that we did order up on Wednesday. We got the chicken alfredo. Could have been a little creamier and a little less fresh ground pepper, but overall was good. The breadsticks have changed though and that is way disappointing.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some Sneeze

So last week Thursday I was getting Gabby up and myself dressed so I could take her and Dakota to school. I was walking out of Natalie's room and across the hall to Gabby's room. I started sneezing, which is nothing unusual for me, when all of a sudden something jarred my back/neck and I was frozen in pain. I managed to loosen up enough to get dressed and had Gabby put on a pain patch across my shoulders, but I have been in pain ever since. I know, I should probably go to the chiropractor but I really just don't want to part with $35 per visit there. Sitting hurts, trying to get comfy in bed hurts, turning my head over my shoulder is painful (which makes driving dangerous). I've tried the back massager thingy we have and that feels ok but can also be a little painful. Guess I'll just have to hope the muscles heal soon.

In other news, signed the girls up for summer reading at the library today. We walked there, correction, I walked while they were chauffeured in the bike trailer by me. They did walk a small portion on the way there but then Natalie got tired and Gabby complained of blisters. Lazy kids. I even had to carry the backpack full of books on the way home too!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rain, Lice, and all that Jazz

This weekend was Festival weekend, so of course that means crappy weird weather. Yesterday was so blasted hot and humid, then we got some bad storms and huge amounts of rain come through at night. Jeff did get the window AC put in upstairs though so it was bearable. We put up the air mattress in the next room for the girls to sleep.

Had another round of lice last night. Grrrrrr. I've been so diligent at checking. Gabby was free for 2 weeks and then was loaded again last night. It's like one minute she's clear, the next she is covered. Natalie only had a couple of live ones. They got a peppermint shampoo treatment and then I slathered their heads in mayo and covered with a shower cap for overnight. It smelled nasty but seemed to do the trick. Natalie was totally clear after washing it out. Gabby I had to pick the nits out but they came out easily since her hair was so conditioned.

Jeff butchered her hair because he is so sick of the bugs. And it was sooooooo cute the way it was. I'm still irritated he did it. I colored it with burgundy streaks today though so it at least is fun for her for the summer. They should wash out in a couple months.

We think the neighbor girl is giving it to them. It's just too big of a coincidence that everytime she comes over to play outside with them, they suddenly end up with lice. I'm removing her from the equation to see if we can remain lice free now. If not then I'll allow her back over to play (outside). If they get them again I'm going to scream!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

10 Years

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary. I'm taking bets on whether or not my dear hubby will even remember. I even went so far as to schedule it on his work calendar. We'll see how observant he is.

Gabby is out for the summer at 11:15 today!! I really hope this means a little bit of sleeping in in my future.

Natalie has been a buster all week so I hope Gabby being home to play with her some is helpful. She's been desperate for me to put up the pool but I need to mow the yard first and that ain't happening in 99% humidity.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Holy Moly

Today was so awesome!! Natalie and I did a few errands this morning and stopped at Lowe's and picked up a mixed flat of Petunia's and Marigold's to plant in front. I got the flower beds weeded, finished raking up the mulch from the tree/stump removal, planted the flowers, then had to go to Big Lots to buy a new hose since the old one was full of kinks and sprayed all over the place.

After getting home from picking up the big girls, I checked my email in my sweeps account and about fell on the floor. I won $6K from a 7-11 sweepstakes!! It could not come at a better time because I've been looking for a part time job to help with our enormous debt, plus the higher car payment for the new van had me worried as well. I am sooooo excited, but trying not to be too much until I have it in my hot little hands. I have to go to get the affidavit notarized and send it tomorrow and hopefully will have it within a month!! Thank you to whomever has been watching over us! Mwah!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


It's now June. 5 more days until our 10th anniversary!! Who woulda thunk it LOL. Gabby is officially done with school on Friday. Steph, Dan and the kids should be up here Friday night as well. It will be nice to see her since it's been about a year.

Picked up my new-to-me van on Friday evening. Found a few minor glitches but at least they are $20 fixes for 1 and free for the other since we added on the warranty. Not looking forward to the higher car payments. I'll probably have to go get me a job soon now. I can have the Goldman's job but need to go to Flint for a 2 hr. training session. Sucky!!

Got the stumps ground out of our trees finally, now I have 2 huge holes to fill in the yard. Today looks like it'll be a nice day to do that though. JOY!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Where is summer?

Ok, I know summer is technically a little less than a month away, but come on - I have not felt the need to wear shorts even once and when I wear short sleeves I'm usually cold. Shouldn't it be nice out already? I haven't even begun to think about planting flowers yet either and usually I have that done over Memorial weekend. Sheesh, looks to be a long chilly summer so far.

Car news: So my tranny is trying to decided whether or not to take a dump. It started it's chugging, shaking and engine light business again yesterday. Went to Tuffy and they said it's a torque converter code (but possibly just a sensor). Either way I'm looking at a decent repair bill to add to everything else maintenance wise on it and it just isn't worth it. I just rolled over to 140K on it yesterday too. We're waiting to hear about financing on an '02 Caravan today. I don't want a higher car payment but don't want to sink a bunch of money into a heap either.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday?

Well, here I am staring 32 right in the face. Started out similar to any other day: Natalie being a pain and coming and waking me up at 6 something, Jeff staying in bed snoring away, you get the picture. Got up with the kids (why can't they ever sleep in on non-school days?) and sat down to do some sweeps at the puter. Jeff got called in to work, surprise surprise. We have to go to the in-laws at 11:30 for cake, etc since it's mother-in-law's birthday as well. Later on I'll probably stop down to the hospital to see how my grandma is doing. Have to get Gabby ready for school tomorrow and make her lunch. Thank goodness we are in the home stretch till summer break!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Win!!

I won this from the girls over at Fitness For Mommies!! So cool! I'm on a role now (I hope).

Go West

Gabby had her spring concert last night. It was called Go West!. The 2nd-4th grade classes were a part of it. It was pretty decent considering it was little kids. We had some really annoying parents sitting behind us though. They were making comments and chattering through the whole thing. At one point they made remarks about the scenery which was painted by a few moms, one of them Gabby's friends mom. They were like - "kids must have painted them, look at the horses legs, they're too short; look at the paddle wheel on the boat". I was thisclose to turning around and telling them to zip it and they have no room to talk about anything if they didn't step up and volunteer to help with any of it. Then they were making comments on some of the costumes (or lack thereof) of some of the kids. Well, hello, they can't all be perfect snobs like you are, ass wipes!! The kids just had to dress somewhat western/pioneer-ish. Gabby wore a floral Laura Ashley dress and borrowed a bonnett from a friend who had extras. Some kids wore denim shirts and had red bandanas tied at their necks. For the most part, almost all the kids were in 'costume'.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I Won!!

Finally, after a couple months of sweeps I won something!!! I'm so excited, even though it is not a huge prize, or even for me for that matter. Here is what I won. Gabby is excited for it to arrive.

I've started jogging using the Couch to 5K method. Last week I could only handle about 15 min. of jog/walk combo. Today I did 25 min. and I feel great. I can't wait to start seeing the results on the scale!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New contests

5 Minutes For Mom has a huge Mother's Day contest running this week. Check it out here to enter to win some great prizes.

Long time, no updates :)

I just realized it has been a long time since I've made an entry, so here it goes. Some exciting/not so exciting things happening are we had another limb come down on the mostly dead maple in the front yard so as soon as we get our loan from China (aka stimulus rebate) on Friday that and the tall pine are coming down. So much for having a savings cushion.

Natalie has 1 more week of school after this week. I cannot believe it. She had her K evaluation last week. Her growing up makes me want another one, kind of. Good thing we got that taken care of a long time ago.

Gabby goes in for an ortho consult this week. Gee, can't wait to see that bill.

We went to a gold sale this weekend to get rid of some unused jewelry that was taking up space in the armoire and got some $$. I was also offered a job doing it!! They emailed me back and told me to give them about 2 weeks to get the paperwork ready. I'm not totally holding my breath on it but if it does pan out it will be some nice extra money.

I started jogging, yes really. I have to do something to shed 20 lbs. and nothing else I did was working. I'm doing the couch to 5K program where you start out jog 1 min, walk 2 min. for the first week and gradually build up to jogging more, walking less. If you can follow the program you should be jogging 5K in a little over 2 months. I can go a block right now before I'm huffing and puffing but my goal is one driveway further every time. I always had a dream to run in the River Bank Run when I was little, maybe I'll be able to do the 5K once in my life.

Monday, March 31, 2008

April Showers...almost

We're ushering March out like a lion here with Tstorms and heavy rain. Yuck, Jeff has no place to park since his spot has turned into a lake now. Unfortunately April will arrive with a cold front and temps dropping from the 40's. I'm really craving the warm sunny days now that we had a smidget of taste of them.

Jeff's going back to his old job after a week at the new one. He was too bored there and his old place was more than happy to take him back. Too bad he doesn't get a raise yet but they said they'd re-evaluate in a few months. The new job wasn't exactly thrilled that he was leaving but most of them understood it wasn't a challenge and he wasn't happy there. He doesn't lose any seniority at the old place either since he was only gone a week, and our benefits stay intact too. I hope and pray this was the right decision and we don't end up screwed in the end since he most likely burned the other bridge from the new job.

On a sad mommy note - I enrolled Natalie in Kindergarten last week :( My baby is growing up!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Come out, come our wherever you are!!

Hello, Spring, where have you gone? Today is cold, blustery, and occasionally snowy. What a bummer for the end of March. I know this is MI, but it would be nice to have a few warm 50+ degree days before the harsh reality of our roller coaster weather slaps us back in the face.

On a lighter note, the girls had their check-ups last week and are both growing faster than weeds. They are very tall for their age but average in weight. Natalie practiced being a pin cushion for her kindergarten booster shots. She cried but did good. She got a new Max and Ruby Easter DVD as bribery. Gabby got a Ken doll (we'll pretend he's Troy from HSM) but his neck broke after taking him out of the box so I need to take it back to Target and get a new one. The things we do to get our kids to the dr. office for a check-up :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Life Keeps Rolling On

Well, after a boring week at work, at least Jeff still has his job to go back to (though no raise in the foreseeable future). Can't say the same for most of the rest of the 'company'. They are trying to rebuild it but it will be a long road with obviously no increase in pay. Well, we could really use that increase in pay, which was supposed to have happened back after Christmas. He does have a lunch interview with a vendor they were going to use for some analysis purposes. We'll see what kind of offer stems from that. If it is enough of an increase after taking more driving into consideration he may have to jump ship.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Time Flies

I can't believe it's the last week of February already. Where has this year gone so quickly? We haven't had much excitement this year, I guess we've all been taking turns being sick so that zaps all the fun out of everything. We got our taxes back last week!! Too bad they've been spent on bills as quickly as the money was deposited. We're hoping to be able to take a small vacation this summer with the girls. That should be interesting.

Tried a new drink this weekend. I got some B1G1 coupons from Vocalpoint for Fuze and bought some. The Peach Mango and Banana Colada are super yummy. The tropical punch is not so good, really doesn't have much flavor to it making it kinda bland and yucky. They are probably not something I would buy if I didn't have those coupons though, but that's just because I'm frugal :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

More Snow, More Ice

Natalie had her 5th birthday on Saturday. I can't believe my baby is already 5. As much as I want her to stay little, I know I need to let her start spreading her wings and encourage her to be a bit more independent.

Sunday was an adventure in ice-capades. I took Gabby to a friends house to play and got stuck on their ice rink of a driveway. Their house sits back off a main road about 1/4 mile. Partway down the driveway I realized it was a big mistake, but it was too late by then. It took half an hour to get back out the driveway to the road. It was pure ice due to the crazy nasty weather we have here. They were putting newspapers, pizza boxes, and rugs under my van to try to get me a little traction to get out. FINALLY, as Jeff was on his way up to try to rescue me, I was able to get out. I definitely did not make that same mistake twice. When I went to pick her up later, I left my car parked on the side of the road at the end of their driveway with my flashers on. I pulled on my snow boots and hoofed it through the snowy yard to the house. I couldn't even walk on the drive it was so icy.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cough, cough, go away!

I am now entering week 2 of the coughing game. Natalie is in week 3. Will it ever end? Everything is loosening up now which is both good and bad. I've coughed so much I sound like a pre-pubescent boy with my voice cracking, when I have a voice that is. I cannot wait until the weather breaks and warms up to, oh say 50 so I can crack some windows and air out the germs. I'm tired of living in the house of sickies. I can only clean so much before it all starts all over again with someone else here.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

They grow up too fast

Gabby turned 8 years old yesterday. I can hardly believe she is that old already!! We had her cake/ice cream party with the extended family on Sunday and yesterday we went out to eat. She picked TGIF. Come to find out they don't do the embarassing singing anymore but she did end up with 5 balloons from different waitstaff. She didn't even get a free dessert, which I found odd. Oh well, we let her get one anyways (and with the savings we get from our Key Card it was almost free anyways). Today was a snow day so she must have gotten her birthday wish :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Being Sick Sucks

I hate to be sick. Luckily it doesn't happen often, but I have a feeling once Natalie is in school everyday then we will have more germ invasions. Gabby is a pretty healthy little kid, she can kick her illnesses pretty fast. She had a stomach bug a few weeks ago that lasted only 2 hours, but I had to keep her home from school anyways since she had been throwing up. Let me tell you, I was ready to take her to school by lunchtime. Natalie has been snuffly all month, started a bad cough last weekend, and now has a fever along with the cough. I had the horrible aches and cough yesterday and last night, but a few hours after taking some Nyquil (tastes like poison but is a godsend) I broke my fever and now just have the cough. I hope soon my house will be healthy. It'll be nice if we get another 50 degree day soon so I can crack a few windows for an hour and air out the stuffiness.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I recently joined Bzz as an agent and they will send me free stuff and coupons to try products and spread the word. My first project was the Hillshire Farms wraps. First off, I was kinda disappointed that my "free" package was not really free since they only reimbursed up to $2.99 and they cost $3.99, but oh well, it was still lunch for $1. Then I was peeved because the Meijer I shop at only carried one of the 4 flavors. I really wanted to try the turkey, bacon wrap but they only had the ham/swiss. I don't mind ham but am not a swiss fan so I sprinkled the cheese on it sparingly. It did however come with honey mustard sauce which I LOVE. It was pretty good. I didn't have high hopes for the whole wheat wrap but that was tasty too. Would I pay $3.99 for this item in the future? Probably not unless they go on sale and I still have a coupon for it.

Baby, it's cold outside!!

Brrrrrr, you can definitely tell it's January now. Below 0 wind chill and single digit highs are in the air. On the bright side, I got my deep freeze defrosted this weekend since it was cold enough to leave the food outside overnight in freezers. I had so much ice in that thing. I filled a 14 qt mop bucket 2/3 of the way full with water. I really should make sure I do that once a year from now on to try to extend the life of that old thing as long as possible.

Natalie has been invaded by the barky cough. I'm don't think it's croup, Jeff and I both are leaning more toward bronchitis. She has a stuffy nose and snots all over the place when she sneezes but she says it doesn't hurt to breathe and that her throat and chest don't hurt when she coughs. She just sounds awful. I'll probably call her ped in the morning to make sure she doesn't need to be seen and we just have to wait it out. She doesn't have a fever either so I dunno what has a hold of her.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Deep Freeze

Finally, it looks like we are going to get some deep freeze weather. Normally I'm not a fan of the bitterly cold, but we didn't defrost the extra freezer last year and it desperately needs to be done SOON! I plan on boxing everything up and putting it in coolers on Friday or Saturday and storing it on the back porch so the freezer can thaw. I hope no wild animals decide they need to delve into a frozen turkey or chicken breasts.

New Furry Friend

On Sunday we completed our family of furry companions by adopting a 10 month old tiger striped kitten. We named him Tux. So far so good with the other 3 resident cats we have. Some hissing and growling but no punches thrown. He did poo in my room once so we locked him in a basement room overnight with food, water, blankets to curl up on and most important - a litter box. He used it overnight so we let him come back out to roam. He seems to remember where the box is now to use it, otherwise he has discovered how to hide the odor of his messes if he is using the house.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Well then

Apparently it is now necessary to like everyone. WHATEVER!!!!! I'll keep my different views and thoughts and opinions to myself from now on and move along since apparently it seems to get some peoples panties in a wad. Sometimes women can be so damn touchy and it annoys the piss out of me. Carry on now :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Time to Sell

Now that it is the new year, it's time to de-clutter and try to make a few extra bucks in the process. I just posted a stack of DVDs and CDs on Craigslist today. I have a batch of Natalie's outgrowns on there and also have a moms clothing swap the end of the month too. Hopefully I can unload some of the MANY boxes of Tupperware I have taking up space in the basement too.

I love being able to have some extra spending money this time of year, especially since the weather is crappy and I can't hold a yard sale. Hooray for the internet!! I made $3 today selling a pair of snowpants, but turned around and bought $10 of outgrown clothes from a friend's kid.