Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Finding Freebies

So you should know that I am a HUGE bargain hunter. I LOVE a great deal, if it's something I need (much as I'd like to, I don't just go out and get things only because it's a great deal, hubby keeps me in check on that :)). I've been sniffing around the web for some great contests and giveaways and have found a few. 5MinutesForMom is giving away $200 for True Jeans!! They also have some other goodies on their site for giving away. How does an Insignia Shelf System from Best Buy sound? Check them out!! I sure did :)

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Lesley said...

Hi there! I saw your post in response to the TrueJeans contest and wanted to thank you for mentioning TrueJeans! I blog for them once in awhile and it was so exciting to see everyone's positive response at 5 Minutes for Mom. Were you able to find any jeans that you liked with the coupon code? If not, there are always some sales going on, and the blog ( will feature little tidbits here and there too. Happy new year and thanks again!!