Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cookies anyone??

What is your favorite type of cookie? I like nearly any type of cookie but am partial to chocolate chip. Recently, I received two free packages of Keebler Simply Made cookies through Bzz Agent to try out and spread the word on. I got a package of Butter and a package of Chocolate Chip. I had tried these cookies in the past when they were on sale and enjoyed them, so it was exciting to get more of them to try out. I enjoyed the Butter cookies. The rest of my family chowed down and enjoyed the package of Chocolate Chip cookies before I could even have 1!! The best thing about the Simply Made cookies is that there are so few ingredients in them, and you can pronounce the ingredients! I think they had around 9-10 total ingredients! The only thing that would have made these even better than they already were was if they were a little bit soft and chewy. They did still taste amazing as a crunch cookie though. I will definitely consider the Keebler Simply Made line again when I am in the market to crunch on some cookies.

Drama, drama, drama

So lately I've found myself doing a lot of soul searching and have decided to cut things/people out of my life that don't serve any other purpose than to create drama. Why do adults, women in particular, feel the need to act like they are in high school still even though they may be well into their 30s and 40s? If I don't like a person, I just don't bother to pay any attention to them. Why to others feel the need to plaster their business all over the internet for all to see and make their own uninformed opinions of? A couple of examples of this: I have/had a very good friend, or at least I thought she was a very good friend, who turned into a total nightmare last spring with a superiority complex. When things didn't go her way or she thought someone was infringing on her or a family members rights, she would cry foul and threaten people with lawyers if her needs weren't met. WHAT?? Grow up, life isn't fair or always about keeping you happy, and get over it!! It hurt to see this side of her, but now that I have seen it, I know she really wasn't truly a good friend to have around in my life. Another example just happened recently between 2 mutual friends and I feel a little caught in the middle. Childish behavior is so unbecoming in adults, and frankly it is unprofessional and it will hurt the business of one of them. Keep your differences to yourselves and don't drag others into it by airing your drama out there in Facebook land. I know I am just rambling, but these things keep swimming through my head and I'm not going to be posting passive aggressive posts on FB to get it out of my system. That will be stooping to the level I loathe. Since nobody reads my blog, I will use this as more of a journal entry space. Sometimes I just need to unload my brain a little.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snow Day #4

Wahoo! We are on our 4th snow day of the season! Even though I miss out on a day of work, since I work at school, it all works out because of the nearly $4/gal gas prices. Today's snow day was brought to us by the letter I for ice! 40 degrees at 2am and then BAM 30 degrees just 2 hours later. All the rain that fell instantly froze. I am curious to see if all the doors of my van are frozen like last week's bout of freezing rain. On the agenda for later today are chiseling my van and heading up to parent/teacher conferences which so far are still on.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Veggie Burgers, anyone?

BzzAgent invited me to join their campaign for Morningstar Farms Veggie Burgers. Since we are eating healthier, and Jeff is wanting to incorporate a more plant based diet, I gladly joined. This week we tried the Spicy Black Bean burger and it was delicious. It has a different texture than regular burgers. There were pieces of black beans, corn, and onion. The only think I didn't like were the onion pieces, but that is because I don't care for onion. Everyone else loved them, and I did like the flavor, just not the few onion bits in it. The flavor reminded me of some organic refried black beans we have had in the past. We cooked them on the George Foreman grill and served them on whole wheat sandwich thins. I do recommend trying them, and if you don't like spicy (they weren't burn your mouth spicy though), they have several other flavors to try. I found them on sale for 3/$10 this week, and each box has 4 burgers in it. Otherwise the regular price at my local store was $3.99.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year in Review 2012

2012 has been an up and down kind of year. Gabby has had her share of ups and downs in school. Being the parent of a preteen is such a joy! Natalie has had her ups and downs with anxiety, which hit an all time high this summer after the Batman shootings and her subsequent panic attack, chest pains and all. My marriage hit a few speed bumps along the way too. We lost our last rat, Peaches, this week. She was nearly 4 and had a tumor which left her unable to stand up anymore. We have had ups and downs with the rescue world this year too, ending with F2F ceasing to exist anymore and being absorbed into Wishbone House. We are up to 7 cats currently, with 2-3 of them awaiting new forever homes. Grandma has gone downhill steadily with her health and mental status, but she is still going strong for 97! 2012 had its share of good moments as well. Jeff is doing great with his fitness, now if only he could quit smoking. I need to get my (ever-growing) butt back in gear and shed several pounds. Gabby joined the cross country team, and even though she is the slowest runner, she still did it! I got to try several new products this year courtesy of Bzz Agent and #igotitfree. I especially love getting in on Burt's Bees campaigns! I'm hoping for more opportunity to try new products in 2013. Sweeps-wise, 2012 was kind of a bust, but then again, I didn't try that hard to enter most of the year. I ended 2011 on a high note sweeping, and still have a little over a day to end good for 2012! Otherwise, 2013 will start fresh and I will put more into entering again. Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Burt's Bees Intense Hydration

Being a Bzz Agent is awesome and right now I have the opportunity to try the new Burt's Bees Intense Hydration line. I love the scent of the products, it reminds me of a sweet citrus candy. Some people might find it too sweet but I love it. I work outside and am sometimes in harsh elements. The face wash is wonderfully creamy and thick, but it still removes the daily dirt. The Night Cream is a little thick and sticky when putting it on and rubbing it in, but once it dries my face feels so soft and smooth. Overall, I am very happy with the products and would definitely recommend this line, and pretty much any Burt's Bees product. *I was given free product from Bzz Agent to test and review.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bzz-ing about Books

I was recently given the chance to read 2 books for Bzz Agent. Link to The Dark Monk: Link to The Hangman's Daughter: Unfortunately, it wouldn't download onto my Kindle so I have been unable to read it. There are really good review on the books though, so if you are in to historical murder mysteries, try these books out.